new 130new 164new 129Cudillero is one of the most picturesque places I’ve seen so far. It is the sweetest little fishing village, located in Asturias, Spain. If you do visit Cudillero though, do be prepared to walk up lots of hills! The cute little cobble roads lead up through the houses where everywhere you turn you just have to get out your camera. Surrounded by flowers, it really is the prettiest place. As you pass all the rows of little houses, local Spanish ladies sit outside their doors all day just watching the world go by.

In the main street of the town, it is absolutely packed with restaurants, mainly seafood. On the evening, we were sat on a bench outside a place called Pescaderia Demetrio to watch how it all worked. One man in the kitchen would prepare the fresh fish in which then came along a man running off the street to fetch the fish. He’d then run it to the restaurant that ordered it! It was amazing, now that’s what you call fresh on the plate.


Pescaderia Demetrio


We ate lunch in a place called La Goleta de Cudillero where we had “Menu del dia” Menu of the day. We had starter, main, pudding and a drink for €15. It was a nice Spanish local. Everywhere else to eat was quite expensive if you didn’t catch a menu del dia in time. If you do visit Cudillero, you have to try the ice cream from the cabin on the little bridge going in and out of the village. It’s called Cuquiterraza. I had Rasberry sorbet and it was to die for! Reminded me of those ice lollies I used to get off an icecream van when I was little called Juicy Luicy!

I would totally recommend going to Cudillero, it really is the cutest!!

love dani


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