Hello, Bonjour, Hola!


Hello, Bonjour, Hola!

So this is my first post.. eeek! I am currently sailing around Europe with my boyfriend Valy in our sailboat called “Sita.” With no sailing experience, we thought we would complete a competent crew, day skipper and VHF Radio course and then buy a sailboat! Just like that. Crazy I know! We did it all in the space of 10 months, in which we were saving and saving.

“Sita means “Daughter of the Goddess of Earth”

The start of our journey began in La Trinite-sur-mer, Brittany, France (where we bought Sita). La Trinite sur-mer is a lovely little seaside town which is primarily a port, filled with lots of seafood restaurants and boutiques! However, it is also very expensive! So we were cooking on the boat majority of the time. The marina is situated right next to the fish market which opens every day except Sundays and nearby a cute little market on Fridays which sold things from fresh fruit and veg to handmade things. There is a small beach close by which is lovely on a hot day! Just make sure you go at high tide! In this post, you’ll find a couple of places worth a visit if you’re ever in La Trinite sur-mer. I’m already looking forward to sharing my travel experiences with you! Hope you enjoy- Take a look!

love dani

Le Bistrot du Marin

If you are visiting La Trinite-sur-Mer, You have to visit this amazing restaurant- Le Bistrot du Marin! Just not if you’re on a budget! But it’s amazing if your fancy treating yourself! In fact La Trinite-sur-mer is pricey everywhere you go to eat.  To start, we had Oysters with smoked salmon, lime juice and chives on a bed of sea weed. I haven’t been that keen on oysters before but I thought I’d try them again and they were the best I’ve ever had. The lime juice complimented it perfectly. People who know me know I love my food and every time I eat something amazing I can’t stop talking about it! This was one of those moments. For main, we had Sword fish, roasted Mediterranean vegetables and the best rice I’ve ever had. No idea how they made this rice so special but it was just out of this world. With two beers, the meal cost around €65. But it was totally worth it and not only was the food amazing, the restaurant also has the best view of the harbour sat out on the balcony on a sunny evening. So if you fancy a treat, THIS is the place.

Arche de Port Blanc

If you’re near Saint-Pierre-Quiberon (Thirty minute drive from La Trinite!)… Then Arche de Port Blanc is defiantly worth a visit! Just make sure your there at low tide to see this beautiful natural arch at its full potential. If you love long fresh walks along the coast then this is the one. Picturesque views of the cliffs, beaches and ocean. I defiantly recommend a trip here.



7 thoughts on “Hello, Bonjour, Hola!

  1. What an exciting adventure. One of my dreams/goals is to get a boat and sail around the Mediterranean visiting ALL the places! I haven’t even started planning yet though so I’m excited to live vicariously by reading your blog and seeing how you figured this all out!

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    1. Awh thankyou! You have to do it! I’ll defiantly be posting more and more when I have time so keep a look out! 😀 thankyou again x

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  2. visuallandscape August 23, 2017 — 5:52 pm

    Keep up the good work ! Waiting for more!
    Check my blog if u want 😊

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  3. What an amazing adventure!!! I can’t wait to read more about your travels.

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